Our Proposition

Like attracts like and our Tech core is always looking to expand and add to its talent. Ours is a highly collaborative environment, where personal initiative along with expert guidance empower you to bring your best self into the limelight. Movement and meaning are driving forces, so know that with us opportunities for growth are yours to grab and your work will impact millions of customers worldwide.

As we work towards our goals, we cultivate an atmosphere of fair and constructive feedback and advocate for horizontal working relationships – you will be part of inclusive structures, where you are seen and heard for who you are.

Keeping things fresh, we carefully designed both the physical and mental space to foster togetherness and curiosity: from hackathons to rooftop or garden get-togethers, from conferences with tech speakers or experts to weigh in on topics of the day to laid back breaks in the game area, from wellbeing practices to cross-location teams, there is room for it all inside our made-to-match office building and inside our culture.

Technologists will always have a seat at our table, come get yours.

Who are the Technologists?

Our teams want to add more members to the mix, of various seniority levels, so we welcome both:

  • seasoned professionals who are active in the Tech industry and feel they can rock our world
  • ambitious early grads who are eager to develop in a supportive environment

Eligibility criteria

To determine whether we’re a match, we need to know that you have:

  1. graduated from Computer Science/ Cybernetics or related major
  2. solid experience or strong curiosity
  3. willingness to contribute and experiment
  4. an attitude fit for our curious community


The “Our Community” section gives a curated listing of roles you can browse through to get a better feel of what we do. The profiles highlighted are not an exhaustive rendition of our landscape, but showcase common professional roles in ING Hubs Romania.

We ran an Open Call for Technologists for a particular set of roles that closed on 20 March, 2023, but our search never ends.

Visit us on LinkedIn for job openings in our two offices – Bucharest and Cluj – or send your resume to inghubsromania@ing.com.

We’d love to hear from you!


  • Location, location, location

    Our office is on Calea Victoriei, so it’s well connected; you might even want to ride your bike or scooter to work and you’ll have the starting point for after-hours activities

  • Customizable work schedule

    Flexibility guides our hybrid model, to which we add the option to work only 4 days/ week

  • Learning & development opportunities

    Learning & development opportunities never run out when you’re part of our staff. You’ll have access to:

    • learning tools (Udemy Business, Pluralsight)
    • personalized assistance in complementing your IT skills with reputation building skills (e.g., customised workshops on speaking and presentation, management talk workshops by specialized consultants, etc.)
    • international short-term or long-term assignments
    • annual training budgets, discounts to conferences and other development opportunities we invite you to discover
  • Personalized benefits

    We know one size does not fit all, so you can design your own package from the options available through the Benefit platform

  • More vacation time

    We offer extra vacation days to reward your total length of working experience (regardless of employer)

  • Annual bonus

    All roles can receive a performance bonus of up to 2 salaries

  • A culture for sustainability

    We mix orange with green and roll out programmes aimed at giving back to the society and at preserving the environment. You’ll be able to volunteer for tree planting actions, marathons with a cause, coding lessons for teenagers, fundraisers and other initiatives we design