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The Data Expert

The data expert is a diligent artisan, someone who understands all aspects of gathering and converting data into visual formats. Masters of facts and figures, data experts make predictions and shine a light on actionable findings for everyone to see. These are professionals who easily move through large amounts of data and bring order into any maze you throw at them – they are the data modelers, analysts and scientists at ING Hubs Romania.

  • Data Modeler

    A designer of data models informs business processes and decision making. They speak business data and are in charge of mapping it into a long string of data components.

    Skills & interactions: data analysis, modelling, lineage, governance, data quality and information architecture.
    Having to communicate data architecture to stakeholders, the data modeler scales up data models so that they cater for long-term business needs. Works closely with business analysts, developers and coordinates with other technical engineers.

  • Data Analyst

    A collector of facts and figures, the analyst examines data and generates reports to arrive at actionable insights for the business. After cleaning up and processing raw data, analysts make correlations and bring patterns to light.

    Skills & interactions: with a mix of hard and soft skills, the analyst zooms in on particular topic or is involved in broader analysis and monitoring.

    All tribes and squads benefit from the visualizations they are presented with. Analysts pinpoint commercial opportunities and market developments for teams to build on.

  • Data Scientist

    Our data wizards use advanced analytics to create statistical models. These cluster and help predict client behaviours to fuel product development, prevent fraudulent actions and measure impact.

    Skills & interactions: machine learning techniques (classification, regression, clustering, unsupervised methods, data processing skills, working with big data) and relaying complex concepts to stakeholders.

    Some projects call for end to end responsibility – from data cleaning to model validation and optimization – others are siloed and focused on developing the model.

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