The entrance area is tucked away from the main neighbouring boulevards and sits in a small, sheltered plaza. The reception is the first space you encounter when entering the building, and it acts as a visual connection between the public entrance and the lush, private garden that lies behind it.

The double height space is dominated by a monumental mosaic art piece created by the artist Vlad Nancă. Choosing mosaic as a technique of representation points to desired seamlessness between Art and Architecture and adds another layer of depth and message to the visitor’s first interaction with the workspace.

The work is titled “Looking back to look forward” and was created in 2020.

“Derived from Rodchenko’s Spatial Construction no. 12 (1920), whose work resulted in a chart of planetary orbits such as a cosmic structure, the artwork considers the reception wall as a boundless artwork in which movement, colour and suspension interact with the architecture. The three hands hold elements that have changed humanity through developments in technology. They all hover around something resembling orbits. This central element is derived from Rodchenko’s Spatial Construction no 12. On the sides, five silhouettes are looking towards the horizon or towards the visitor – it is unclear. Their bodies overlap to underline the things we have in common, in an era of polarity and dispute – a metaphor for hope and optimism for a better future through technology.” Vlad Nancă.



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