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Versed in generating conceptual possibilities, Architects are masterful guides who have the knowledge base to back everything they envision: well informed and rigorous, they soak up information and use it to enable crucial initiatives, including long-term plans to propel the company into the future. Resilience and performance dictate their interventions.

  • Architect

    Architects draw from their extensive technical knowledge to define and align global IT architecture standards. They pour business vision into effective enterprise change and build models to enable its future state.
    Subject matter experts on technology, regulation and operational management, architects maintain external accreditations and apply themselves towards a unique understanding of industry best practices.

    Skills & interactions: savviness of both cutting edge and legacy technologies put the architect in a position to advise on best strategies and proof of concept design. Architects provide guidance to developers and build patterns by creating Cookbooks. They have a seat at the table in various projects that drive applications’ evolution and are presented with many learning opportunities, regardless of seniority.

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