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The Risk Handler

Risk handlers are the guardians of our products, services, data and systems. They remain undeterred in the face of a crisis but are no thrill seekers – prevention comes first. Trusted advisors, risk handlers cultivate a healthy risk culture and celebrate the fruits of their labour along with everyone else. Knowing that security requirements are met is what affords teams the freedom to get creative and conquer higher grounds in terms of products and services.

  • Offensive Security Expert

    A subject matter expert on software security, this is a professional who puts the Sec in SecDevOps and security on everyone’s minds. A big part of their job is to ensure our company develops and maintains secure products and services.

    Skills & interactions: handles security assessments and penetration testing, conducts software security and awareness trainings, general advisory.

  • IT Risk & Security Expert

    IT Risk and security experts have an advisory role for teams involved in development, with the end goal of making sure company data and systems are kept safe and secure.

    Skills & interactions: active members in local Security Incident response teams; conduct IT Risk & Security trainings and awareness campaigns, monitor and supports IT Risk & Security policy implementation and adherence.

  • Risk Overseer

    Here is a risk expert who doesn’t shy away from constructively challenging his peers. For added security, their job is to monitor and challenge other experts on how on how confidentiality, integrity and availability of company and client data, systems and applications are ensured.

    Skills & interactions: oversees the implementation of IT & continuity risk minimum standards, IT security policies, provides guidance and interpretation on the above.