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The engineer is quintessentially the creator at the heart of our ecosystem. With diverse personalities and credentials, their mastery over technical skills is the glue that holds them together and carves out the space for creativity and talent in their work. By building and maintaining IT applications and services that are integral to our business, engineers sustain our strategy in information technology.

  • Software Engineer (Dev - Java)

    Development engineers know highs and lows: they build and keep up high-volume, high-availability, low-latency microservices critical to the ING landscape. Unit-tests and end-to-end tests warrant the efficiency and reliability of the code they write – the one that ultimately safeguards customers’ money and assets.

    Skills & interactions: engineers refine new product features by managing the use-case research, putting together proof of concepts and advancing technical solutions to the team. As feature owners, they liaise with architects, UX designers and product owners to determine the best course of action. Being engaged in the entire software development lifecycle means they are always presented with opportunities to better themselves and their code.

  • DevOps

    A DevOps engineer is someone who’s daring enough to embrace the mantra ‘I help run critical systems with an availability of 99.9%’.

    By handling the operational side of application development, they’re on top of any delivery issues and maintain risk controls in line with industry standards. The production environment is their playground, but no child’s play: DevOps engineers act energetically to solve the task at hand and make sure we remain safe and compliant while working towards our goals.

    Skills & interactions: knowledge of Docker and container orchestration platform (OpenShift), ELK Stack, security protocols, on-call support, basic networking, troubleshooting tools and Linux OS. They connect with architects, product owners, risk managers and site reliability engineers.

  • Data Engineer

    Data engineers go big: they construct and optimise systems for data collection, storage and analytics at enterprise scale. These are professionals who contribute to the most impactful projects at ING Group level, infusing value into all development phases and project lifecycle. Making sure data is accessible and understood throughout the organisation is their greatest contribution, one that unleashes opportunities for all the units they work with.

    Skills & interactions: ETL, Big Data Technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Kafka, Flink, NiFi, Spark, Flume, Airflow), SQL and NoSQL, knowledge of Python or Java, Linux OS fundamentals, BI and Analytics).

    During the development lifecycle, the data engineer most often interacts with the product owner, data analyst, data modeler or data scientist to build the service or data flow based on clear requirements and models.

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