We, at ING Hubs Romania, believe meaningful work and a curious outlook on life drive growth and enrich the individual.

As a fresh and ambitious tech organisation, we are here to make an impact through the projects we develop and the standards we set.

Our work

ING Hubs Romania builds technological solutions that make a difference for ING customers worldwide.

By engaging our talents we help design experiences integral to contemporary life: software solutions, mobile apps and many other tech components that remain hidden to the naked eye yet contribute to how people design their lives and interact with the world.

Our community

1600 talented professionals are the current residents of ING Hubs Romania. A well-knit community, our colleagues make use of their expertise to shape the future and bring our tech vision to life.

An ever-expanding team, they welcome like-minded individuals, ones who thrive in a culture of co-creation, shared values and sustainable thinking.

Our office, the Curious Office

The spaces we inhabit say a great deal about who we are and reveal meaningful evidence of our personality and identity.

We believe a well-crafted culture requires a made-to-measure workplace, one fit to embody our capabilities, stamina and way of working. It requires participation, but only to leave you rewarded and replenished.

This is how we arrived at The Curious Office, a space that feeds the imagination and invites innovation.

We see our curious office as a community space built to foster togetherness for both our team and for future residents. An open home stems from an open mindset, a curious home stems from a curious mind.