A fluid experience.
A non-confining flow wrapped around a translucent family of spaces.
A place infused with curiosity and unexpected turns.

Elevation and fluidity inform the interior architecture. A series of floor slab openings and precise connections create a fluid experience throughout the five-storey building. The visitor is freed from the monotony of constant height and elevated by selective verticality.

Taking advantage of this upward porosity, a series of spaces come together to form a distinct organism, one that occupies the heart of the building. This cluster serves as a junction that most office activities revolve around. The family of spaces that form this inner organism are curious objects designed to surprise and inspire onlookers. Discreet one-person focus rooms sit next to unexpected double-height meeting spaces and a big spinal stair set diagonally across the building is aided by inconspicuous pathways between neighbouring floors.

A statement of togetherness, a declaration of interdependence.




Meeting Rooms

Work Areas